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Trip to London - Part 2



So this was part two, with pictures from the Shard and town at night. If you are ever going to London, this is one of the places you MUST visit! I do really recommend it. Enjoy!



ExCel Bett 2017


Made a small video from the show I am at right now. Had a day off from school and two of my teachers from Volda University Collage, Jon and Torbjørn, is in London so I decided to join them on Bett 2017. It is a show where all kind of different technologie companies has stands and stuff to trie out and look at. It is huge!

Trip to London - Part 1

Sunday: Toby (to the left) took me and tree other exchangestudents to London on a tour. We visited a lot of famous places, and he brought us to a lot of places where some of the Harry Potter movies had beed shot. Since I took SO many pictures from the last part of the trip, The Shard tower (in the background), I decided to make two posts instead of one very big one. I will post the pictures part 2 tomorrow. 

Thank you for a great day!


Uttafor The Friary Centre, Guildford

River Wey, Guildford

South Street, Farnham

Hey guys. I am alive. I was supposed to do a video today, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. Bought some more 3G, since the internet has not been installed in our flat, yet. But but (as we say in norwegian).

I visited Guildford today, and had a look around. Did not get as far as I wanted though. My plan was to go to Oxford, but I could not get my lazy ass out of my flat early enough. The train takes over two hours to get there. I'll do that another day. Good night!


Farnham castle, park and streets




Sightseeing, kafébesøk & ny sykkel

Salad, toast, coffee and tea.

Me and Josefine went to the castle in Farnham today and took some pictures (which I will post later). We had a walk around the park and a trip to the train station as well, where we got a brochure about student discount. Afterwards we sat down at a café as you can see, and talked a lot. On the way home after a cozy day, I got hold of a cheap second hand bike. It was a really nice man who sold me the bike. His name is Mark, and do charity work with the money he raises. I would recommend everyone in Farnham to have a look if you are searching for a bike. He lives just across the street for the fire station, and they are in surprising good condition. He also offers free repair if you are unlucky and break something! 


My cup of tea

Hey you!

Today I have been to school for a couple of hours to see the short films my film production class made last semester. It was pretty cool, because everyone had different themes and qualities. We did the same yesterday as well, but then it was individual films they had made about them selves or something they liked. It was a nice way to get to know people in class, as they had to present themselves and their film in front of everyone. We are about 70 students I think, so it was a really long day.

Afterwards I was supposed to meet my friend Josefine at the pub on school for an acoustic evening, but since it snowed (like 2 cm) they cancelled the whole thing. Pussies. They are not used to snow like we are in Norway, and those two small centimetres made a big fuss here in Farnham, haha. But we will try again tonight, with a graduate film fundraiser evening. Hopefully we meet some other film enthusiast or someone from our class there as well. In the meantime, I will go to the gym next door and afterwards make myself some delicious dinner and a cup of tea. Have a great day everyone!

#england #tea

Daua ikkje no

My bed is in order now, so I can sleep well tonight. The room did not turn out so bad either? Yay!




Oh, what a pretty face. I'm sorry I haven't made anything in english yet, but it will come eventually. Hope you enjoy it anyway! And please, if anyone would like to send me a letter or anything else (like Melkesjokolade from Freia) my address is:
Marte Bergset
Flat, 39 Dollis Drive
United Kingdom



I went for a walk yesterday and took these pictures. Love the old-style houses they have here. It is so different from Norway!



Så mykje ein får tid til utan internett

I have so much time to do reading, writing and drawing with no wifi access on my computer. Should have done this alot more, I guess..


Framme i Farnham




And to my english followers: I am alive! Waiting on my train to Guildford.




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