Uttafor The Friary Centre, Guildford

River Wey, Guildford

South Street, Farnham

Hey guys. I am alive. I was supposed to do a video today, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. Bought some more 3G, since the internet has not been installed in our flat, yet. But but (as we say in norwegian).

I visited Guildford today, and had a look around. Did not get as far as I wanted though. My plan was to go to Oxford, but I could not get my lazy ass out of my flat early enough. The train takes over two hours to get there. I'll do that another day. Good night!


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Iselin Renée

19.01.2017 kl.21:15

Veldig fine bilder :)

Marte Bergset

21.01.2017 kl.12:56

Iselin Renée: tusen takk!

20.01.2017 kl.18:23

Fine bilete i vanskelig lys :)

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