Sightseeing, kafébesøk & ny sykkel

Salad, toast, coffee and tea.

Me and Josefine went to the castle in Farnham today and took some pictures (which I will post later). We had a walk around the park and a trip to the train station as well, where we got a brochure about student discount. Afterwards we sat down at a café as you can see, and talked a lot. On the way home after a cozy day, I got hold of a cheap second hand bike. It was a really nice man who sold me the bike. His name is Mark, and do charity work with the money he raises. I would recommend everyone in Farnham to have a look if you are searching for a bike. He lives just across the street for the fire station, and they are in surprising good condition. He also offers free repair if you are unlucky and break something! 


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14.01.2017 kl.21:03

Såg nesten godt ut :) Ein bra dag med andre ord :)

Marte Bergset

15.01.2017 kl.13:24

magne: Da va da! :)


14.01.2017 kl.21:06

Åh, det så veldig godt ut! :)

Marte Bergset

15.01.2017 kl.13:24

Anette: Da va da! Ha ein fin dag :)

Victoria Larsen

14.01.2017 kl.22:11

Ser godt ut ,D

Marte Bergset

15.01.2017 kl.13:24

Victoria Larsen: Da va da! Ha ein fin dag du og :)

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