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Today I have been to school for a couple of hours to see the short films my film production class made last semester. It was pretty cool, because everyone had different themes and qualities. We did the same yesterday as well, but then it was individual films they had made about them selves or something they liked. It was a nice way to get to know people in class, as they had to present themselves and their film in front of everyone. We are about 70 students I think, so it was a really long day.

Afterwards I was supposed to meet my friend Josefine at the pub on school for an acoustic evening, but since it snowed (like 2 cm) they cancelled the whole thing. Pussies. They are not used to snow like we are in Norway, and those two small centimetres made a big fuss here in Farnham, haha. But we will try again tonight, with a graduate film fundraiser evening. Hopefully we meet some other film enthusiast or someone from our class there as well. In the meantime, I will go to the gym next door and afterwards make myself some delicious dinner and a cup of tea. Have a great day everyone!

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Victoria Larsen

13.01.2017 kl.17:07

Såå fin kopp :D

Marte Bergset

13.01.2017 kl.19:11

Victoria Larsen: Takk!


13.01.2017 kl.17:49

Så stilig kopp :)

Marte Bergset

13.01.2017 kl.19:11

Iselin: Takk!

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